Friday, 29 June 2012

The Village is the Village, the Land is the Land, the Suicide of the Spaceman and Other Stories (1996)

I've been digging for a copy of this or any information regarding it since a friend (Andrew. G) told me about it in the late 90's and I fell in love with the title. I've also seen the title translated as, "The Village...the Village...the Earth...the Earth, and the Suicide of the Astronaut." It is a children's book by Muammar Gaddafi that from what I can glean takes a sarcastic swipe at Western history. This PDF is in Arabic and was uploaded online last year. Gaddafi would have been 70 this month (according to some sources, it's vague, some say Spring others September). I was excited just to see it and the illustrations until I can get it translated. Due to the lack of information I've been able to find on it (There's less on the net than there was 5 years ago) if not an occult book it's certainly hidden.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Terence McKenna: Speaking The Unspeakable

Lecture given by Terence McKenna in early 1994 on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

"Anyone who loves adventure, and who loves life, and who loves the experience of being, has an obligation, I think, to explore this [the psychedelic realm]. It's as much a part of your identity as your sexuality, your ancestral history, or your hopes and fears. And to ignore it is to choose to play with less than a full deck. Don't do that. Play with a full deck!"

"Millions of people right now are being warehoused by television. Television is the heroin of the electrified middle class."

"It's ridiculous to criticize a drug you haven't taken. It's sheer, boneheaded, know-nothingism."

Originally aired on The Psychedelic Salon Podcast

Download audio with: offliberty

Terence McKenna: Introduction To The Valley Of Novelty Workshop

A talk given over a weekend in summer 1998. Where questions from the audience are inaudible, they have been cut out leaving a pause before Terence answers.

Download Audio with: offliberty

Full Workshop can be heard here.