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Jan Irvin & Jay Weidner: Deluded Cretins or Poisonous Scum?

Sadly, for two men who promoted and continue to profit from the words of Terence McKenna, by whose core ideas they have both been influenced and are greatly familiar with, far much so than the newer, potentially more lucrative audience they now target... it appears to be the latter. Tragically there continues to be many people out there who unquestionably feast upon the warm diarrhea that is spoon fed them by this pair of shameless parasites. The contempt and reckless disdain they have for their followers and community at large is pathological and treacherous. Bitter, reactionary turds, polluting our collective well of information.

It pains me to give these weasles the oxygen of publicity but in the interest of giving those poor souls who have had the misfortune of buying into the pathetic lies this couple willfully and knowingly prosper from, the opportunity to hear genuine voices of  reason and logic should be made available.

If you have come to hold the same "beliefs" about Terence McKenna that this covetous union of grabby shits, peddle. If you practice what they both urge us to do in checking facts for ourselves and using our own critical faculties. If you rightfully have concerns about agents of disinformation that hijack and pox up the counter culture. Then please enjoy the short amount of time it takes to read these (only) three (not 20 databases and 200 links) informative, well reasoned, and eloquent pages debunking (with checkable facts!) the utter tripe of fear and paranoia that is the bread and butter of this unscrupulous pair's agenda,

Jan "I like how these idiots put the sun or clouds behind their heads to make them look enlightened..." Irvin

Terence McKenna - KPFK Interview - Poets And Prophesiers - 9 May 1996

McKenna Interviewed by Pam Burton for KPFK Pacifica Radio
Poets And Prophesiers - 9 May 1996

Image - Eros

Terence McKenna With DJ Zippy ‎– Live @ The Zoo. BrizVegas, Oz. 1997.

DJ Mix – Zippy
Voice – Terence McKenna
Image – Zarquon

Recording on DAT from live performance at The Zoo in Brisbane on 26 February 1997.


Sean McCann & Maxwell August Croy ~ Parting Light (Suite) / Momiji

Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann - “I” (2014)

Composed and recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco, “I” is the debut full-length album by Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann. Croy is best known for his work in Bay Area duo EN, wherein he processes koto, voice, and other instrumentation into ecstatic and nuanced drone-based recordings. McCann is a solo artist whose work continues to undergo seismic evolutions, manifested most recently on the justly lauded “Music for Private Ensemble,” an album of autodidactic modern composition that defies easy categorization. Working as a duo, Croy and McCann have successfully synthesized compositional and aesthetic tropes from their respective discographies in order to produce something extraordinary. “Parting Light (Suite)” opens the album with a flurry of koto, cello, and violin lines masterfully woven together; a complex movement that dissembles to reveal a more spacious environment in which each gesture takes on a heightened significance. Croy’s koto lends the piece an Eastern aura that is complicated by McCann’s playing which is equal parts idiosyncratic and grandiose. Elsewhere, “Alexandria” finds the duo operating at their most celestial, working their instruments into a harrowing, beautiful dirge comprised of clarion tones and wide-eyed string arrangements. Ultimately, the sensibility cultivated by Croy and McCann on “I” proves to be utterly unique, perhaps situated best somewhere among the soundworlds of Gavin Bryars, Taj Mahal Travellers and Richard Skelton. The LP was mastered by Rashad Becker and the jacket features exclusive monotypes by Andrew Chalk.

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