Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Terence McKenna: Happy Birthday Bard!

Terence McKenna: History Ends in Green: Gaia, Psychedelics and the Archaic Revival
Recorded at a seminar at the Esalen Institute in 1989.

A lecture discussing human cyclical history, its future attractor and ultimate dissolution.
Recalling the '60s, McKenna seeks nothing less than "symbiosis between human beings and the biosphere," and makes a stunning case for achieving this union through the psychedelic experience.


The Croaker said...

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sweetbeats said...

Great post cheers !

Kevin said...

Thanks for the posts, the youtube channel, and of course the alchemical subject matter. I have listened to 3000+ hours of Terence McKenna and I like how you spin and post his lectures. He was truly a great Bard and mystic of visionary delight. I hope someday to follow in his verbal and imaginal ability to create intrigue for the mystery of being. Maybe someday we should do a podcast and share some thoughts on McKenna, alchemy, gnosis, and the future of humankind..Peace dude.