Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Cyber Society (1987)

In this 1987 talk, Dr. Timothy Leary talks about the progression of technology that has brought humans to a new plateau of consciousness. And we also hear a personal, 1995 message from Eldridge Cleaver to Timothy Leary on a rather surprising subject.

“The Cyber Society is a society made up of individuals who think for themselves, linked up with other individuals who think for themselves.”

Following the talk by Dr. Leary Lorenzo plays a short personal message from Eldrige Cleaver to Timothy Leary that was recorded on January 7, 1995. The message Cleaver was so intensely trying to convey to his friend, Tim Leary, was that he believed it was imperative that the U.S. elect a woman president in the year 2000.

Edited from the Psychedelic Salon Podcast

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