Sunday, 14 August 2011

Packing For The Long Strange Trip (1994)

Terence McKenna: Packing For The Long Strange Trip (1994, Starwood Festival)



The Croaker said...


Anonymous said...

This recording does not seem to be the talk "Packing for the Long strange Trip". Rather it seems to be an alternative recording of the talk "Rap dance into the 3rd Millennium", held at the same Starwood XIV. Festival in 1994.

The main talk before the question and answer session is identical.

Please confirm. Please find "Packing for the long strange Trip".

The Croaker said...

This was labeld "Packing For The Long Strange Trip" both talks are labeled as being given at Starwood '94 along with "Conversations at the edge of magic"

This is the same but over an hour longer than Rap dancing...