Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Terence McKenna: A Better World (Toward The End Of History)

Terence McKenna died April 3, 2000. He was the world’s premier ethnopharmacologist, which is to say he specialized in exotic psychoactive plants. Terence is the author of five books & the famous software program “TimeWave”. Based upon the mathematics underlying the ancient Chinese oracle The I Ching, he discussed this unique time in human history and discusses “The Big Picture”. McKenna’s contributions to science include the theory that psychedelic mushrooms spurred humans to develop consciousness and language; and the “Timewave” theory, described by chaos pioneer Ralph Abraham as “the first model for history that significantly transcends that of the ancients.” Learn About: • Art, Novelty, the Internet, Time & the Future as Terence & his software see it. • Implications for us during the “first-time-ever” period of extraordinary novelty as we enter the 21st century. • How we can align with “The Transcendent Object at the End of Time”

If you want a copy of this you can buy the DVD from the link above or copy and paste the YouTube page URL  into the blank space HERE and press OFF, this will give you links to download the video and MP3.

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Anonymous said...

this interviewer comes off maybe a little high-and-tidey. Arrogent? I I can smell it. No way someone who realized they were having a conversation with myself would have such mannerisms. Like introducing the books and baiting the question so when terrence answers about the book name he can be half a second later just to feel like awesome. < 3