Friday, 12 August 2011

Audiobook: The Sirens Of Titan (2008)

"Life for a punctual person is like a roller coaster. All kinds of things are going to happen to you! Sure, I can see the whole roller coaster you're on. And sure — I could give you a piece of paper that would tell you about every dip and turn, warn you about every bogeyman that was going to pop out at you in the tunnels. But that wouldn't help you any. Because you'd still have to take the roller-coaster ride, I didn't design the roller coaster, I don't own it, and I don't say who rides and who doesn't. I just know what it's shaped like"
- Kurt Vonnegut (The Sirens Of Titan)

Kurt Vonnegut's - The Sirens Of Titan - Read by Jay Snyder (2008, Unabridged)
+ PDF of the book