Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Winter King (1996) & The Psychedelic All-Stars - Mannheim (1991)

Terence McKenna's legendary speech on Friedrich V Elector Palatine, the later Winterking of Prague & Bohemia, and Elisabeth, the first "Queen of hearts", their life in the castles of Heidelberg, Prague & elsewhere, and their "bohemian" scene of Shamans, Alchemists, Freaks, Psychonauts & the Great Spirit of descent.

Recorded 1996 in Stoffwechsel, Mannheim, Kurpfalz. This talk was recorded during the time Terence McKenna and Sheldon Rocklin were filming the documentary for Mystic Fire, which was originally titled "Coincidencia Oppositorum: A Union of Opposites"

Also a bonus track, The Psychedelic All-Stars featuring Terence McKenna & Tim Leary sharing the same stage for the first time in Mannheim, 1991. These are just Terence's parts, this is the talk he references at the very start of 'The Winter King' also given in Mannheim 5 years later.