Friday, 28 October 2011

Captain Beefheart Under Review (2006)

The film traces Beefheart's entire career and uses rare footage and contributions from numerous Beefheart associates and Magic Band members. Contributors include John French, Mark Boston, Moris Tepper, Elliot Ingber, Ira Ingber, Jerry Handley, Doug Moon, Eric Drew Feldman, Gary Marker and Gary Lucas.

"The war is a pimple on the pope's pet dragon."


The Croaker said...


The View from Mt. Pelion said...

Ah, the Captain, the good Captain, the only Captain,
the Captain of the ship who used a whip
so that we don't slip
back into a dream-state,
a lovely dream made
to keep you thinking
nothing in particular
this Captain is spectacular
and will drag you blinking
back into the light.