Sunday, 16 October 2011

Michael Harner: The Way Of The Shaman/Shamanic Journey Solo & Double Drumming (1990)

Michael Harner was one of the first Westerners to participate fully in an indigenous ayahuasca ceremony in the Amazon. After drinking a large dose of the bitter hallucinogenic brew he received a spectacular vision in which he saw dragon-like creatures that came to earth fleeing something, perhaps an enemy, 'out in space' after a journey that had lasted 'aeons':

"The creatures showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of the plant and animal creation and speciation - hundreds of millions of years activity - took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to imagine. I learned that the dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man. They were the true masters of humanity and the entire planet, they told me. We humans were but the receptacles and servants of these creatures. For this reason they could talk to me from within myself. In retrospect one could say they were almost like DNA, although at the time, in 1961, I knew nothing of DNA."

~Text from Graham Hancock's book, Supernatural

I've included the above text here as it was one of the most striking passages in Graham's book and for it's parallel's to Francis Crick's own vision in the discovery of DNA and the echoing of the Sophia creation myth and the Archons from John Lamb Lash's interpretation of the Gnostic Texts.

Included in the ZIP below is a PDF scan of Harner's book, The Way Of The Shaman, 
and the accompanying audio disc, Shamanic Journey Solo & Double Drumming.


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