Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mae Brussell: Charles Manson And The Crushing Of The Counter Culture (1971)

Originally aired on 13th October 1971 on the radio program, Dialogue: Conspiracy (later named - World Watchers International), this show reveals Manson as a patsy and analyzes the so-called Manson murders as a premeditated political massacre designed to destroy the social and political revolution taking place in the late '60s.

Mae hosted a radio show that ran for 17 years and 862 broadcasts.

Alex Constantine has been doing great work archiving Mae's shows at 


The Croaker said...

Show #0016

the saucer people said...

Her "California Violences" hypothesis theory makes complete sense when you listen to her shows on the formation of the SLA and the Zodiac Killer and Jim Jones as domestic counter-insurgency psy-ops.

Mae's entire collection of shows can be bought for around fifty quid on DVD or on torrent for the poor. I also highly recommend people checking out the archive of Dave Emory which he has kindly made available on spitfire list website (check under audio), again his work goes back to the late 70s up until a year or so ago.

Between Dave and Mae, the contours of the secret history of the twentieth century are revealed and all it costs is your time.

Great to see Mae's work been highlighted, it really highlights the banal, infantile and misinformed nature of the "conspiracy" community today.