Friday, 23 September 2011

Mark Thomas: The Manifesto (BBC Radio 4, 2009-2011)

As a nation, we are drifting up a certain well-known creek, economically, politically, socially... er... totally. So where are the great ideas, theories and visions to help us in our hour of need?

In this show, comedian-activist Mark Thomas looks to create a People's Manifesto. The audience are asked to come up with their own policies, with the concept being that Mark includes some of them in a final manifesto which he will go on to campaign for.

Many ideas are considered on the recording nights, some are dismissed out of hand, some discussed with the kind of experts who know about these kinds of things, and some Mark actualy takes on to try to put into practice.

Following on from the two successful shows last summer, where policies included "MPs should be bound by law to tell the truth" and "Children's playgrounds should be less safe" - Mark Thomas returns to investigate suggestions such as "4x4s should be transparent"; "manifesto policies should be legally binding"; and "there should be a maximum wage". 

Featuring interviews with experts, original research and audience discussion, Mark Thomas - The Manifesto attempts to re-engage the audience with the idea of democracy.

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