Friday, 16 September 2011

Trialogue: Morphogenic Family Fields (1998)

Trialogue: Morphogenic Family Fields

A Trialogue held on June 8, 1998 at Santa Cruz, CA, where Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham, and Rupert Sheldrake explored Rupert's concept of a morphogenic family field.

Rupert Sheldrake: "And so in human family groups we'd expect the same kind of morphic fields [as in other animal family groups]. . . . It would mean that family fields, with their morphic fields, would have a kind of memory from the families that contributed to them. The father's and mother's families of origin would come together in a family."

Rupert: "Whatever the merits or demerits of [Bert] Hellinger's system, which I think is very interesting and apparently very effective, the idea of making models of the family field seems to me something that one could address in a more general sense."

Terence McKenna: "The family thing works because people really are complex chemical systems with genetic affinity."


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