Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tony Benn: The Salter Lecture (2011)

Benn's lecture from the yearly gathering of Quakers in Britain 2011


Charles Frith said...

One of my favourite ever podcasts is Tony Benn being interviewed by Nick Stadlen QC.

The Croaker said...

Thank you Mr. Frith, one of my hopes with this blog is multi directional sharing of information. I'll be listening to this, this evening.

Cheers mate


The View from Mt. Pelion said...

Tony Benn is to my mind the most honest British politician (or maybe of any nationality) ever. Haven't heard any of these talks (downloading them right now), but can tell you that "An Audience With Tony Benn" is amazing - particularly one moment that I'll describe briefly to illustrate the man's passion: Benn is quoting Bobby Sands saying, "our revenge will be the sound of our children's laughter" and you hear him choke up and get tearful and he almost can't complete the sentence it means so much to him.

Tony Benn, one of the few to talk it and walk it.