Saturday, 17 September 2011

Trialogue: The World Soul (1989)

Trialogue: The World Soul

Recorded in 1989. Terence begins by telling a rather amazing story about a walk he had on a beach that turned into a fractal psychedelic experience, and without the aid of any substances I should add. From there it takes a while to get to the World Soul, and then after talking for a while, they discover that they are actually talking about different concepts! A couple of my favorite McKenna quotes from this talk are: "For my money, monotheism is the single most reactionary force in all of human history. I don't even know what is running second," and "Democracy is a step away from anarchy."

"I think that creativity depends on having sufficient indeterminacy around for a new pattern to arise up within it." -Rupert Sheldrake

"If there is no randomness in the universe, then what do we mean by chaos?" -Rupert Sheldrake

"Not thinking about the World Soul but the individual soul, that the seizure of DMT is almost like a simulacrum of death itself, and that you seem to see into an ecology of souls." -Terence McKenna

"The World Soul, I think, is in communication with us in the culminating moment of human history. This is all being scripted for a purpose and toward an end unglimpsed by us but tied up with the survival of everything." -Terence McKenna

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