Friday, 30 September 2011

Terence McKenna: The Vertigo At History's Edge (1994)

The Vertigo At History’s Edge: recorded in New York City, 29 April 1994.

"I submit to you, this is the most complex moment in the most complex place, in the universe to date."

"If you have a universe that is building on achieved novelty, and building faster and faster, then you have a universe which is consuming its share of time, if you will.. A universe which is building toward its conclusive denouement much faster than the entities, beings embedded in it might suppose."


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Pizza Freek said...

During the Q&A someone asks about Kurt Cobain's suicide, so the talk probably took place in 1994 instead of 1988

The Croaker said...

@PizzaFreek, cheers mate, I had two dates for it, KMO at the C-Realm and CMays bibliography have it down as '88 but i had another file marked as 29 April 1994. Thanks for pulling my coat.


Anonymous said...

Talk held at the New York Open Center, New York, April 29, 1994

Transcript available at: