Sunday, 4 September 2011

Norman Finkelstein: An Issue Of Justice, Origins Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict (2006)

The facts are not complicated. Finkelstein dispels the ideological fog surrounding this historic conflict.
Finkelstein lays out the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict with clarity and passion, arguing that any other similar conflict would be perfectly understood, yet this one exists beneath a blanket of ideological fog. Finkelstein cuts through the fog with indisputable historical facts, optimistic that the struggle is winnable, and 
that it is simply an issue of justice.


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Honey Monster said...

Utter leftist, hippy bullshit. Finkelstein should be executed for this anti-Semitic drivel.

The Croaker said...

Nice avatar of that haunted cave in Poland. Yes, the Fink is clearly a hippy. If this is you FT, i get enough shit-headed-brain-farts without need for ridiculous parodies of gonk cunts.