Sunday, 11 September 2011

Terence McKenna: The World & Its Double (11 September, 1993)

On the 10 year anniversary of  the WTC attacks i still find myself more interested in the many synchronicities involving this date over the actual event itself, which needs to be put into perspective against the horror thats been exported in its name. Because this date is so embedded in our consciousness its allowed a window on to synchronicity other dates have not provided (although i suspect all moments sync under inspection). I know Terence's Timewave Theory has many holes in it but maybe he was close to something else, maybe events send ripples forward and backward through time pointing to a holographic model of spacetime leaking into our linear model of existence.


This World... And Its Double  (11 September, 1993)

In this lecture, Terence McKenna talks about the tragic situation we humans have placed ourselves in, and ways in which the boundry dissolution effects of psychedelic medicines can possibly save our species from what appears to be a certain extinction. . . . "What the psychedelic experience does, really, is it stretches the envelope of the imaginable."

"It seems to me that culture, at least this culture, is a shabby lie."

"We have the tools that would allow us to sculpt paradise, but we have the reflexes and value systems of anthropoid apes of some sort. . . . You don't get serial killers in the chipmunk population."

"We live at the end of a thousand year binge on the philosophical position known as materialism, in its many guises. And the basic message of materialism is that world is what it appears to be, a thing composed of 
matter, and pretty much confined to its surface."

"We're in, essentially, a tragic situation. A tragic situation is a catastrophe when you know it."

For approximately 500 years [sciences] argument for its pre-eminence was the beautiful toys that it could create: aircraft, railroads, global economies, television, spacecraft. But that is a fool's argument for truth! I mean, that's after all how a medicine show operates, you know: the juggler is so good, the medicine must be 
even better! This is not an entirely rational way to proceed.


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