Friday, 16 September 2011

Trialogue: Crop Circles (1991)

Trialogue: Crop Circles
Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake & Ralph Abraham
Esalen, California, 1991

Exploring the crop circle phenomenon. The Plasma Vortex theory. Why are crop circles associated with megalithic sites? The evolution of their patterns and features. A look at some of the diverse theories: from migrating hedgehogs to the celestial theory. Is there a single satisfying explanation? Is the hoax theory an unlikely explanation? Terence's theory that crop circles are an intelligence operation and an experiment in deception.

Further investigations into the crop circle mystery. Are crop circles a method of Gaian communication? An international crop circle competition. Crop circles should be empirically investigated. Terence explains his 'trap theory' -- Are they a disinformation project aimed at preserving orthodoxy? Reactions to Terence's theory. Christian and pagan ideologies and the impact of Christianity on paganism. Christian animism. Appreciating sacred places. Rupert's plan for a research project on crop circles.

Image: 780ft. crop circle in the form of a double (six-sided) triskelion composed of 409 circles, Location: Milk Hill, 2001

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